Wednesday Tips #15 2014

2014-07-28 23.46.39

Even when the weather is cold my grandchildren and I spend time in my garden. One of their favourite activities is to feed my goldfish. The fishpond is a simple arrangement made from a large ceramic pot and is easy to look after with the occasional clean out of weed and top up of the water when needed. During the really hot weather I place a plank of wood across part of the pond to minimise the increase in water temperature. I am also lucky to have neighbours who are happy to take over the feeding regime while I am on holidays.

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Wednesday Tips #9

puddle splashing
Although Winter days may bring rain and cold weather, rain makes puddles and puddles are like a magnet to young children. It can be great fun to put on the waterproof boots and warm clothes before heading off for a walk together. I favour a walk along the boardwalk at the beach where there are large and small puddles to splash in after rain, however, a walk through a park or even down the street may offer puddles too. So get out your stout shoes, rustle up your stamping energy and have fun together before going home for a warm drink and snack.