Wednesday Tips #2 2015

2014-12-16 05.03.54No matter how much siblings love each other they all seem to have the occasional periods of testiness with each other. Recently, my older grandchildren came to stay for a few days and one afternoon they were annoying each other (and me!) for some reason. Rather than getting more annoyed as I tried to restore a sense of calm, I tumbled them into the car and drove to a fabulous playground nearby. While I kept watch seated under the gum trees, the children had fun  running, jumping, balancing and climbing. After about 45 minutes I was revived and took home renewed happy children!

Motto: Never underestimate the power of a good run around in the fresh air.


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Wednesday Tips #21 2014

2014-09-15 02.21.56During school holidays I like to have my older grandchildren come and stay for a couple of days. This gives us a chance, among other things, to go on an adventure, visit the beach or discover a new local playground.

The small park near my home, referred to by the children as “Gam’s Park”, has always been a popular place to visit, however, the play equipment there is no longer  really challenging for the older ones. Fortunately my local council has recently  developed a wonderful new playground which is perfect for our needs at the moment and is only a short car ride away.

I have found reading the local press a very useful way to keep up with development in my municipality   and recommend the reading of such to keep grandparents in touch with what their local municipality offers in the way of open space and play centres.

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Wednesday Tips #6 2014

My grandchildren love going to our local playground and we do it often, however, it is also great to explore new places.

On a trip to the Fitzroy Gardens we discovered a small playground which had a dragon slide and a giraffe swing. What fun!

It may be worth searching on the internet for playgrounds in your area  (or getting out the local street directory!) to find a new playground to explore together.


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Wednesday Tips #16


The local playground is one of our favourite destinations for an outing. Fortunately it is only a short walk so there’s no need to get out the car. On the way we look at the local gardens and talk about what we see. We stop and say “Hello” to a neighbour’s dog behind his gate and sometimes we spot a cat as well.

I seize the chance to talk about road safety as we cross driveways keeping an eye out for cars and then look carefully in both directions before we cross the road. Our safety rule is that we always walk next to each other with the younger grandchildren holding my hand as we cross the road.

Usually I make sure we take a drink bottle and small snack with us. Playing  is a child’s work and climbing, swinging, balancing and sliding build up an appetite.

It is fascinating to watch physical dexterity and the determination of young children to master new skills develop over the pre-school years. The joyful cry, “I did it!” always brings a smile to my face.

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