Wednesday Tips #6 2015

strawberriesIn my back garden I have an old wheelbarrow which some time ago I converted into a planter box. Currently there are strawberry plants growing in the barrow. It is great for the grandchildren to see where strawberries come from and we have watched the flowers, the little berries form and then grow over the past months. Because of the possums which share my garden, ( and the occasional visiting fox), I have covered the wheelbarrow with black netting to protect the fruit. Several days ago Miss 6 noticed that there were some red berries and she was most excited to be able to pick the strawberries she found. Although very small, and only enough for a taste each, they were deliciously sweet and fragrant straight from the plants.

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Wednesday Tips #25

ImageHow satisfying it is to gather the harvest from our gardening ventures. Picking lettuce to make a salad for dinner or broccoli to steam or stir-fry does seem to make the eating of green vegies more interesting for my young gardeners. While in the vegie patch I also take the opportunity to point out new shoots and the occasional worm or butterfly. Sometimes we even look for elusive, green caterpillars lurking in the broccoli. All good fun and helping to make the connection between plants and the food we eat.

Wednesday Tips #22

summer herbs cropped

With Spring established it is time to plant the Summer herbs.

The taste and smell of fresh basil and parsley are great additions to Summer salads, pastas and  particular favourites of my family, homemade pizza and bruschetta. 

It is easy to grow herbs in a pot placed on a sunny deck or window sill. This week my granddaughter and I visited the local plant nursery to buy some seedlings and then she planted them in a pot and watered them in. Now her responsibility is to remember to give them a drink every day or so.

This is an easy activity but helps children learn not only  where food comes from but develop a sense of responsibility in caring for living things.

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