Wednesday Tips # 22 2014

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I have found one of the things I really enjoy about being a grandparent is sharing my grandchildren’s interests.

When one of them expresses an interest or asks questions about a particular topic I like to follow that through and find out more together.

Recently, one of my granddaughters has expressed interest in the first people of Australia so we have been investigating indigenous culture together. The Melbourne Museum has the wonderful Bunjilaka Centre.

Here there are great displays and interactive activities for young children. Together we have explored this gallery several times and talked together about what we have seen. There is also an indigenous garden outside which we only recently discovered. Here we enjoyed the colours, smells and textures of plants which are used for food, technology and  medicine by indigenous people.

This museum offers membership benefits for subscribers but being a senior I get free admittance as do children. A great spot for an outing/adventure together.

Have you explored what your local museum offers that you can share with your grandchildren?


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Wednesday Tips #6

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I recently enjoyed a morning with my eldest grand-daughter at  Heide Museum of Modern Art.  This gallery runs regular sessions for adults and pre-school aged children. Linked with a current exhibition, each session enables  adults and children to view the exhibition together and then share art activities linked to the exhibition theme.

Also included  in the morning’s activities were a shared book reading and a delicious morning tea.

There was a charge for the session for the accompanying adult but it was very reasonable with a concession available.

We enjoyed the morning’s activities very much and after a couple of hours went home with my young artist carrying her precious creative efforts to share with  her family. I recommend investigating what is available at Art Galleries in your area. Meanwhile we have booked in for  next month’s session!