Wednesday Tips #4 2015

cooking When grandchildren come to stay for a few days during school holidays, I always try and fit in a cooking activity. Boys and girls both love to get busy in the kitchen and then eat the results of the activity. Recently a request was made that we make crackles as a treat. The measuring out of ingredients was great for applying developing math skills and decorating is always fun. The results of this cooking session were enjoyed with plenty left to share at an  extended family gathering.

Wednesday Tips #17

weighing cropped

To help your grandchild develop mathematic skills the kitchen is a good venue.

Mathematic skills involve the development of a specific vocabulary. For example, such words as full, empty, together and first  are important  basic mathematical words used in real life situations. As you have fun talking and cooking together, measuring and mixing ingredients, your grandchild will gradually develop this important bank of words and become more proficient in their use.  

So get out the measuring cups, spoons and kitchen scales and cook up not only something yummy to share but a rich mathematical experience.

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