Wednesday Tips #1 2015

Happy New Year!
This year I aim to be more regular with my posts.

2014-12-15 01.21.36
The year has started well. My older grandchildren have had an extended sleepover and we had fun together. A favourite activity is to go and see the ducks at a nearby reserve. The ducks at this spot are a mixture of native and domesticated birds. The domesticated variety probably started out as pet ducklings which outgrew their welcome in someone’s garden. They are very friendly and actually waddle across the grass to meet visitors for a handout. Bread is not good for ducks so usually I make sure we have an appropriate treat for them. On this particular occasion the children gradually became brave enough to let the ducks eat from their hands which they thought was great fun! Another entertainment which is virtually cost free.

Wednesdays at Gam’s
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