Wednesday Tips #24 2014

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Currently my youngest grandson is fascinated by all things to do with Thomas the Tank Engine.

This week we visited a shop which specialises in this merchandise as well as several other very popular brands such as Peppa Pig and Brio.

The purpose was not to make a purchase but to play at the tables set up with toy trains. It seems to me to be a very good marketing move as at the rear of the store there are chairs and stools for parents and carers to use as their charges play happily at the various configurations on several tables. Then, to make it even better, one can buy a proper coffee and cookie or biscuit to enjoy. The day we were there, several groups of Mums were enjoying a catchup while their pre-schoolers and toddlers played happily. Happy kids and happy Mums!

My grandson and I spent an hour and a half playing together before going home for lunch. A great shared outing.

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Wednesday Tips #23 2014

Well the fridge box finally collapsed!

Rather than just put it in the recycling bin I used a small saw to break it down into pieces to be used as art materials.

Our first activity was to create another little girl! I traced around my granddaughter as she lay on one of the large sheets of cardboard and then she used paint to fill in  the outline and add features.

Once dry, it could be delivered to her home to show her family on a day she was not with me. It took up too much room in the car for both girls to be in the car at once!

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Wednesdays at Gam’s
Providing daycare for grandchildren: What really works
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Wednesday Tips # 22 2014

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I have found one of the things I really enjoy about being a grandparent is sharing my grandchildren’s interests.

When one of them expresses an interest or asks questions about a particular topic I like to follow that through and find out more together.

Recently, one of my granddaughters has expressed interest in the first people of Australia so we have been investigating indigenous culture together. The Melbourne Museum has the wonderful Bunjilaka Centre.

Here there are great displays and interactive activities for young children. Together we have explored this gallery several times and talked together about what we have seen. There is also an indigenous garden outside which we only recently discovered. Here we enjoyed the colours, smells and textures of plants which are used for food, technology and  medicine by indigenous people.

This museum offers membership benefits for subscribers but being a senior I get free admittance as do children. A great spot for an outing/adventure together.

Have you explored what your local museum offers that you can share with your grandchildren?


Wednesdays at Gam’s
Providing daycare for grandchildren: What really works
Available from RRP $24.95