Wednesday Tips #20 2014

Recently  I experienced the unexpected major breakdown of my fridge/freezer which necessitated the purchase of a replacement.

Feeling cross about the unexpected financial outlay, I fortunately asked the installer to leave the packaging box as I thought it could be useful for my grandchildren as a play item. My thoughts were running along the lines of perhaps a cubby house, but as usual, the children came up with their own ideas.

On the day they all visited my home for a family lunch, all four grandchildren were delighted to find the box on the lawn in the back garden. For the next hour or so they played together 2014-09-14 02.41.56 climbing in and out of the box, tipping it over and generally having fun together. They then added a couple of balls to the game. Great interactive entertainment which threw a positive slant on my unexpected financial displeasure!

2014-09-14 02.41.22


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