Wednesday Tips #18 2014

2014-09-01 22.14.05My grandchildren love to draw, paint, colour and generally pursue artistic projects. From an early age I have made drawing materials and a variety of surfaces for them to draw on available. It is worth remembering that a drawing activity for a very young child is much more satisfying if the marks can be made easily. To this end I have a collection of washable, felt tip pens in various colours and thicknesses. (For my own sanity I keep the waterproof markers in a completely different place well away from small fingers!) Clean up of smudges and overflow is easy with a piece of old newspaper placed under the drawing surface. As the children get older I introduce coloured pencils, crayons and pastels into the mix. When the drawing is finished I always ask the child to tell me about their picture. The one in this photo is “Mummy”.


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