Wednesday Tips #17 2014

vietnamese boatMany grandparents experience concern  that their special treasures on display will be inadvertently damaged by grandchildren when they visit.  My grandchildren spend time with me every week, so to minimise anxiety all round, I have a simple solution which works for us. My grandchildren are not permitted to play in the formal living area of my home. Instead, the casual area is their domain with a toybox  they can access easily, a book box containing appropriate material and various other toys and activity options. The low storage unit is called “Gam’s Fiddle Shelf “and it is here I put interesting things for the children  to inspect, handle and explore.   Simple things like a large magnifying glass, interesting rocks, feathers and shells all provide interest. In addition I add small souvenirs from my travels and tell my grandchildren the stories about their acquisition. Currently a model of a Vietnamese woman taking her fruit and vegetables to market by boat is a favourite. The children know they will always find something interesting to see and hold when they visit, with no fear of being told not to touch. Not only are they exploring using all senses but their language is being extended when we talk together about what they have discovered.


Wednesdays at Gam’s
Providing daycare for grandchildren: What really works
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  1. lexiesnana
    Sep 04, 2014 @ 05:10:16

    That is a great idea and one I might have to explore!


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