Wednesday Tips #13 2014

Photo0062 One of our favourite places to visit for my grandchildren and I is the zoo. In Victoria we have three sites under the directorship of Zoos Victoria.

Admission to all three sites is free for children during weekends and State school holidays, however, a membership to Zoos Victoria allows free entry every day, 365 days a year. A family membership can make a wonderful gift for Christmas or special occasion. It also means it is economical to visit often and for a particular focus rather than having to spend a whole day overloading senses and experiences. Little and often means that my grandchildren really absorb what they are experiencing and are learning about conservation of flora and fauna while having fun at the same time.

The site at Healesville specialises in the conservation of and research into  Australian native animals and birds. On this particular visit to Healesville my grandchildren and I enjoyed “the World of Parrots” with the children very excited at being able to feed the lorikeets some nectar.

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