Wednesday Tips #11 2014


Some time ago I purchased a set of plastic skittles at a local Op Shop for the princely sum of $1. (I find that this type of shop is a great place to add to the articles for activity options with my grandchildren). Well it was $1 very well spent. Last week Master 2 and I had so much fun with them! I set them up in front of a closed door so they wouldn’t skittle too far away when hit as of course I had to do the resetting each time. With a small plastic ball there was no chance of danger to the door or child and we played again and again with him learning to roll the ball from a seated position.
Not only a lot of fun,(“more peese Gam!”), but great for aiding hand/eye coordination development.
Wednesdays at Gam’s
Providing daycare for grandchildren: What really works
Available from RRP $24.95

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