wednesday Tips 2014 #7

I strongly believe that one of the most worthwhile things to do with grandchildren is to share books and stories. Not only is it enjoyable for both parties, it also helps to foster a love of literature, an interest in print and learning to read, and finding out more about our world. It’s hard to beat cuddling up together to share a book.
I have always read to and with my grandchildren from when they were babies but it is always wonderful to see a very young grandchild choose a book by themselves and then settle quietly to “read” alone.
Many of the books freely available on my children’s bookshelf have been obtained from garage sales and local thrift shops. Inexpensive purchases but extremely valuable in their own way.
2014-02-17 23.45.48
Wednesdays at Gam’s
Providing daycare for grandchildren: What really works
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