Wednesday Tips #5 2014

Living in a city which experiences four distinct seasons over the year (and sometimes all in one day!) I often talk with my grandchildren about the particular signs of a season.
Autumn is the season when we look for mushrooms and toadstools growing in the garden or parks. The children know that we only look at fungi, not touch them as some are very poisonous. We have also talked about how we only eat mushrooms that we have bought at a shop or market as there are many which look edible but are actually very toxic.
On a recent trip to a large municipal park we found some toadstools growing in the grass. We wondered if perhaps fairies made their homes here, but on close inspection, my granddaughter decided there were no fairies living in these toadstools as she couldn’t see any doors or windows. Gorgeous! 2014-05-07 01.40.20
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