Wednesday Tips #27

I found these cute little Santas in my daily newspaper last week and thought they looked like fun to make with the grandchildren as part of dessert for Christmas Day festivities.
Large strawberries are in season and with the addition of some whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles they can be changed into something special for the Christmas table. An added bonus is the fact that small fingers make the placement of the chocolate sprinkle eyes a breeze!


Wednesday Tips #26

Christmas card

With Christmas fast approaching it is time to think about making cards and small gifts with my grandchildren. Each year we try and make a small gift for them to give to their parents as a surprise, although only one of them can as yet keep it a secret!

 Blank card stock or a piece of folded paper/light card forms the base for a greeting card and then with a selection of coloured pencils/crayons/paint/glitter and stickers the creative possibilities are almost endless.

It is great fun as the children grow to watch the development of representations of Christmas standards such as Santa, stars, reindeer and Christmas trees from coloured squiggles to recognisable schema. 

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