Wednesday Tips #25

ImageHow satisfying it is to gather the harvest from our gardening ventures. Picking lettuce to make a salad for dinner or broccoli to steam or stir-fry does seem to make the eating of green vegies more interesting for my young gardeners. While in the vegie patch I also take the opportunity to point out new shoots and the occasional worm or butterfly. Sometimes we even look for elusive, green caterpillars lurking in the broccoli. All good fun and helping to make the connection between plants and the food we eat.

Wednesday Tips #24

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Sometimes I really laugh when the plans I have made for an activity are realised in a totally different way.

The other day I thought a plastic bucket and a few tennis balls would provide entertainment for my toddler grandson as he just loves putting things in containers and tipping them out again. So, off we went outside for ball play on the grass but it didn’t last nearly as long as I expected.

He found a totally different use for the bucket!

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