Wednesday Tips #23

colour mixing

One of the best ways for children to learn is by discovery. Given the opportunity to investigate, hypothesise and test their theories is a great learning experience for young children (within reason of course!)

I follow this principle when it comes to setting up a painting activity for my young grandchildren. Instead of offering a multitude of different coloured paints, I provide small, multiple amounts of the primary colours and also some white.

An old egg container makes a handy container with some compartments left empty for the children to mix dabs of different colours together using a range of different  sized paintbrushes. As they mix and mingle the colours all sorts of colours emerge , much to the children’s delight.

A sheet of paper and a small container of water for washing a brush if necessary, complete the equipment needed to explore a world of colour. So try not to tell your little artists how to make the colours pink, orange, purple etc. but let them make their own discoveries.  

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