Wednesday Tips #18

pegs cropped

And you thought that laundry pegs were purely for the purpose of hanging the washing…….

A collection of pegs and the peg basket provide wonderful entertainment for a toddler. I tend to produce them when we go out into the garden to play on the lawn.
Children in this age group love putting objects into containers and tipping them out again.
If you join in the fun, this simple activity will have you laughing and having fun together.

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Wednesday Tips #17

weighing cropped

To help your grandchild develop mathematic skills the kitchen is a good venue.

Mathematic skills involve the development of a specific vocabulary. For example, such words as full, empty, together and first  are important  basic mathematical words used in real life situations. As you have fun talking and cooking together, measuring and mixing ingredients, your grandchild will gradually develop this important bank of words and become more proficient in their use.  

So get out the measuring cups, spoons and kitchen scales and cook up not only something yummy to share but a rich mathematical experience.

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Wednesday Tips #16


The local playground is one of our favourite destinations for an outing. Fortunately it is only a short walk so there’s no need to get out the car. On the way we look at the local gardens and talk about what we see. We stop and say “Hello” to a neighbour’s dog behind his gate and sometimes we spot a cat as well.

I seize the chance to talk about road safety as we cross driveways keeping an eye out for cars and then look carefully in both directions before we cross the road. Our safety rule is that we always walk next to each other with the younger grandchildren holding my hand as we cross the road.

Usually I make sure we take a drink bottle and small snack with us. Playing  is a child’s work and climbing, swinging, balancing and sliding build up an appetite.

It is fascinating to watch physical dexterity and the determination of young children to master new skills develop over the pre-school years. The joyful cry, “I did it!” always brings a smile to my face.

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