Wednesday Tips #15

petshop cropped2Sometimes it is just too cold and wet to venture outdoors but you want to have an outing with your young charges. Such times are when a large shopping complex can be just the place to visit. Often there is a petshop at such a complex where there may be puppies, kittens, rabbits or guinea pigs to watch. There may also be a variety of birds or fish to look at while you talk about their different colours and sizes. You could also talk about the types of food eaten by the various pets on display and their housing requirements. Sometimes there are advertising brochures available to take home. These often have illustrations which can be used to make a cut and paste picture together of your own petshop.

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Wednesday Tips #14


Ever wondered how you can help your young grandchildren develop their maths and numeracy skills?

You need look no further than the old game of Snakes and Ladders. Not only will children learn to recognise a number by the dot pattern on a die, they will also develop one- to- one correspondence as they  count and move their counters the correct number of spaces. This is in addition to learning the importance of taking turns, following game rules and learning that one cannot win all the time. You’ll have fun as well and that’s a win/win all round!

Wednesday Tips #13

AJ airport model 008It takes a lot of practice before a young child becomes proficient at using a pair of scissors. I have found that a good way to practise is by snipping a long roll of play dough into little pieces. The dough is easy to cut and reassemble into a long sausage to be cut again and again.
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Wednesday Tips #12


Driving through outer Melbourne this week, my granddaughter and I noticed many Wattle trees in bloom. Wattles range in colour from creamy yellow to the bright gold of our national floral emblem with flowers ranging from sprays of fluffy balls to little rods.  They all add a cheery note to a cold day. On returning home we decided to make our own wattle tree using cut and paste with coloured paper.

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