Wednesday Tips #11

its big cropped

A magnifying glass can provide great entertainment and wonder for young children. Even  older siblings may want to have a turn to look at their skin, hair, a leaf or a feather. A magnifying glass can be purchased cheaply at a variety store and if stored on a shelf where it is easily accessible you may find its use is a favourite activity choice for young visitors.  Once you have showed your young grandchildren how to use it by moving the glass different distances from the object being observed, they will have great fun. There are many interesting things to look at both indoors and out in the garden.

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Wednesday Tips #10

fruity hedghogcropped 2

Food can be fun! A fruity hedgehog makes a great dessert or special treat while the making of it is an engaging activity. Using half an orange as a base for the body, toothpicks can then hold pieces of soft fruit and marshmallows to make the spines. A nose can be made from a strawberry or jube (a special treat!) and stickers make good eyes. Then all that has to be done is admire the cute little hedgehog before Yum! Yum! it’s all gone.

Wednesday Tips #9

puddle splashing
Although Winter days may bring rain and cold weather, rain makes puddles and puddles are like a magnet to young children. It can be great fun to put on the waterproof boots and warm clothes before heading off for a walk together. I favour a walk along the boardwalk at the beach where there are large and small puddles to splash in after rain, however, a walk through a park or even down the street may offer puddles too. So get out your stout shoes, rustle up your stamping energy and have fun together before going home for a warm drink and snack.

Wednesday Tips #8

ImageHave to love school holidays and a sunny Winter day at the beach!

Kids love a picnic and it doesn’t have to be a grand affair. A couple of bread rolls, some fruit and a water bottle each and you’re ready to go. Sand castle building is fun and you can get some exercise too throwing a Frisbee. It’s a good idea for the kids to wear their gumboots if they have them and remember to take a bucket or bag for collecting treasures such as empty seashells or interesting pebbles.

Wednesday Tips #7

GP day 051

Those of you who have grandchildren attending kindergarten or pre-school may be lucky enough to receive an invitation to a Grandparents’ Day celebration. Many such institutions offer a chance over the period of a week or fortnight during the year for grandparents to join their grandchildren for a morning’s activities. It may be difficult to get to kinder by 9.00am on a cold, wet or frosty morning (especially if you have to drive across town in peak hour traffic), but to see your grandchild’s face light up as you walk through the door is well worth the effort.

Over the morning you can join in with the usual activities and meet your grandchild’s friends. You may play a card or board game together, help to build a cubby in the playground or waterworks in the sandpit, make a model together at the construction table, watch pet lizards or ducklings or share a book in the reading corner.

Whatever you do, you will be warmly welcomed with your grandchild  so proud to have a special guest to show around and share his/her world of work and play.

So, my tip this week is if you get the chance to attend a Grandparent’s Celebration, seize the day and enjoy!