Wednesday Tips #3

Autumn1 autumn2 Autumn3 oaktree

With Autumn days drawing to a close, there is still time to fit in a last minute Autumn leaf shuffle with young grandchildren. There is something infinitely satisfying about the rustle, crackle and flutter as you kick up a storm of leaves together. Maybe there are trees at your local park or in the city’s public gardens which have shed  their  coloured leaves  ripe for shuffling. Once the shuffling is done it may be hard to resist throwing leaves in the air to catch the breeze or even each other unawares.
A small bag may be handy to gather a few coloured leaves to take home and add to an Autumn collage and if there is an oak tree nearby you may be lucky enough to find some acorns to add to the Autumn treasure collection (acorns are great for counting practice!).
If you manage to open an acorn you can discover its hidden secret- a tiny plant just waiting to grow. Together, you may like to even plant an acorn in a pot of soil or potting mix to try and grow your own oak tree.