Wednesday Tips #1

card making

card making

Before we know it will be Easter (as if the availability of hot cross buns in the shops for weeks already doesn’t sound the alert !) so time to plan some activities for the kids. Each year we make some Easter cards together for parents. The scope is wide from drawing and painting to printing and collage. Four year olds love to cut and paste (using small, blunt nosed scissors is great practice for developing fine muscle control) and I have found supermarket catalogues a great source of rabbit, chicken and of course Easter egg pictures. The pictures can be cut out and arranged on folded cardboard to make individual Easter cards. I find a glue stick the least messy way of attaching the pictures and it is a good idea to show the child how to put the glue on the back of the picture rather than on the cardboard. Sometimes I print a message which can also be cut out and pasted in the card. Before the children can write their own names they can recognise the letters in their name so a collection of letters on small paper tiles (I make a page of these on the computer) enables a child to choose the appropriate letters and glue them in the card too. An envelope can then be made from coloured paper and decorated appropriately.


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