Wednesdays at Gam’s

Wednesdays at Gam's

I am feeling rather excited as the day is drawing near for the launch of my book .
On reflection of the process undergone, I think publishing a book can be likened a little to having a child.
In the beginning there is a desire to produce something personal and a tingle as the seed of an idea begins to grow. There are days when the development of the seed progresses well and others where it just seems hard and uncomfortable work, however,  all along the seed needs to be nurtured in order to grow. The work grows in size and begins to develop an identity of its own until finally a first draft is done. The next few months allow for refinement of ideas, corrections and reviews until finally it is time to publish and a new book is born. The labour of producing a book can be long and hard but similar to having a child the end result is worth all that effort.



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